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  • Inverter with bypass for RV modification

    In just 15 days, we have modified a total of 20 RVs together with the RV modification plant. We replace the original low frequency inverter with a BP series 3000W inverter with bypass. 

    Every customer feels excited, reducing the weight from the original 50kg to 8kg, almost 42kg, which is very important for the RV. But only the weight, the customer will not be such satisfied, the low quiescent current of the BP series inverter is most concerned for the RV customers. About the static power of the original low frequency inverter may reach 200W, while the static power of the BP series is only 24W. 

    As for the heat amount, even when working at full load, the inverter shell  temperature of BP series inverter is only 36 degrees, which is the most important in the special application scenarios of the RV. 

    I believe that CNBOU inverter will be your first choice for the inverter of RV modification.

    2021-07-14 00:00
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