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  • BP Series With Bypass 3000W Inverter for RV modification

    We provide customized inverters for Aqiang's RV modification courtyard to meet their electric needs for RV modification. Aqiang’s RV Modification Courtyard is a gathering place for domestic RV enthusiasts, providing professional renovation services according to the individual needs of enthusiasts. Our inverter has become the first choice for Aqiang's RV modification because of its superiority in power conversion. In the video, BP Series With Bypass 3000W is used in the modification of the RV. This inverter can start special loads such as refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs, computers, DVDs, VCDs, and printing presses. It greatly meets most of the power supply needs of RVs. After installing the new inverter, customers are very satisfied and electricity has become more convenient. This refitting of the RV inverter is very successful.


    2021-07-07 00:00
I would like to take the floor.