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  • hakan güncan
    High temperature inside Heliso-485MCP 5KW and output current "0" (output kW "0") problems.
    Hello 11 FB38N20 mosfets (fan close block) at the battery input of the Heliso-485MC 5KW off grid inverter are overheating. Since the inverter protection is 90 degrees, the inverter cuts off the output when it exceeds 90 degrees. No malfunction was found in the component measurements. Previously, 3 mosfets in the MPPT section of IRFP4668 failed and were replaced. After this fault, the current is continuously displayed as "0" at the inverter output. therefore the output power appears as "0". 1. How can I solve my heat problem? 2. Why is the output current 0? Where does the output current come from on the board?
    2021-06-24 05:55
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