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  • Introduction of Apollo series hybird on/off grid solar inverter

    Apollo series ON/OFF Grid solar inverter are in the true sense of Hybrid Solar inverter. It integrates all the functions of Grid tie and Off gridIt can not only use solar energy to supply power to the load, but also can upload power to the national grid.

    It can realize that both PV and GRID supply power to the load at the same time, making the system runs more intelligently. The PV voltage range is increased to 450V. Apollo series are divided into 24V3000W (Apollo-243MCP) and 48V5000W (Apollo-485MCP), which can meet the needs of most customers. And it also supports the use of Without battery. At the same time, it supports the WIFI module, you can easily view the operating status of the system in your mobile phone application.

    Apollo series supports up to 9 units in parallel, up to 45KW in single-phase parallel, and can support three-phase 380V 45KW. The BMS system that can connect the battery through MODBUS or CAN makes the battery operating status clearly visible in the window.

    Apollo series ON/OFF Grid solar inverter, meet all your needs for solar system.

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    2020-09-14 00:00
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