40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
02.Inverter!1.Full 300W Power , 2Times Peak Power2.Five Protection3.High Transfer Efficiency4.Excellent Appearance DesignGB Copper Wire, reducing the line lossesHigh quality silicone thermal pad, thermal faster,insulation better.Oxidation t...
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Muse Series!

1.Passive cooling is more suitable for dust environment

2.Suppoert kinds of batteries

3.Three stage charging control model

Drive 150A terminal

97% transfer efficiency

Original Import MOS tube

Industrial fiberglass PCB board to ensure the good transmission loss

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PV Input Channels1 Channel
Battery Input Voltage12V/24V/48V Automatic
PV Voltage Range18V-150V36V-150V18V-150V36V-150V18V-150V36V-150V
Solar Panel Input Power≤ 120W≤240W≤240W≤480W≤480W≤960W
Charging Current (Max)10A20A40A
Static Power≤1.5W≤1.5W≤1.5W
Charging Circuit Voltage Drop≤0.28V≤0.28V≤0.28V
Rated Frequency120W/240W240W/480W480W/960W
Floating /Stop Charging/Recovery (V)14.5V/15V/13.5V
Voltage Drop Between PV To Controller≤1.5V
MPPT Scan Speed (Max)≤5S
MPPT Efficiency≥98%
MAX Transfer Efficiency97%
DC Load Power Support (Max)≤120W≤240W≤240W≤480W≤480W≤960W
DC Load Running SettingTime / Light/Manual Control 
Temperature Compensation-4mv/℃/2V , -35℃~+80℃,Accuracy:±1℃
Control TypeCommon Negative Control
Working Temperature-25°C~55°
Humidity Range10% - 90% Without Condensation
Ingress ProtectionIP 30
CommunicationRS485/8-pin RJ45 connector
Over Current Protection Value15A30A60A
Automatic Current LimitingYes
Charging ModelThree stage Charging Control Model
Starting Voltage≥9V
Over Load Ability<150% Rated Current
ProtectionPV Panel     (Over Current,Over Voltage,Low Voltage)
Battery           (Battery Lost,Over Load,Over Current)
Battery     (Over Voltage,Low Voltage,Input Short Circuit)
DC Output     (Over Current ,Over Load,Short Circuit)
Over Temperature Protection
Input OpposePV Input Oppose / Battery Input Oppose
Communication AgreementStandard Modbus Agreement
Power Terminal16mm² /AWG5
Temperature Protection ValueMachine 85℃/Air Temperature55℃
Cooling WayNatural Cooling
Battery TypeLead-acid Batteries,Nickel-hydrogen Batteries
Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Lithium Batteries
(Other Battery Type can customize)
DisplayDot matrix LCD screen
ButtonCapacitive touch button
Production Size(mm)95*167*83113*167*83236*167*83
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