Inverter FAQ System
  • The cooling fan's problem with BP series with charge 12V 2000W.

    2020-08-31 10:01


    The cooling fan rotates slowly when only connected with mains supply, but rotates normally after being connected with mains supply and turning its switch on.

    Fault Causes

    The switch has not been controlled entirely by the control part of the cooling fan. There is something wrong with U3 optocoupler and N6 triode.

    Solutions and steps:

    1. Remove all wire from BP series with charge, include battery and AC output.

    2. Clear surface dust.

    3. Uninstall screws from Front and rear panels.

    4. Open the top cover.

    5. Find the damaged parts.

    6. Change U3, N6 parts.

    7. Close the top cover and run it.

    If the problem can't resolve, please contact us.

  • Muse series MPPT solar charge controller write parameter to reset

    2020-03-10 14:01

    change the parameter for Muse series MPPT solar charge controller by PC software( widnows 10)

    Battery type

    Over voltage(%)

    Over voltage value
















    1.Different batteries have different over-voltage protection values. If the over-voltage values to high ,

    than the battery will broken, so must select the correct battery type.

    2. The Muse series MPPT solar charge controller are damaged

    If theMuse series MPPT solar charge controller have damage, need remove the controller asap, because the PV voltage will direct to

    battery, is very high voltage, than battery will damage.

    Accessories required: tablet computer *1, RJ45 communication line *1, USB to RJ45*1  



                           RJ45 communication line                                                                                                   USB to RJ45

    RJ45 communication lineconnected to the RJ45 interface RJ45 communication line is connected to the 485 interface of the Muse Mppt solar charge controller

             RJ45 communication line connected to the RJ45 interface       RJ45 line connected to 485 interface of the Muse Mppt solar charge controller

    The USB port connects to the computer (windows 10)

    The USB port connects to the computer(windows 10)

    Open the software "CNBOU"

    Open the software "CNBOU" app

     Click "Open file" and select "cnbou_mbt.xls"

    Select Port COM

    Select Port COM

    Click "Write Target" to bring up the bar code dialog box and click skip

    Click "Write Target" to bring up the bar code dialog box and click skip

     Popup please replace the target, operation completed, restart the controller

    Now the Muse series MPPT solar charge controller finish the parameter reset.

    Chinese and English interface comparison

  • DC or Battery input reverse solution for pure sine wave inverter B24P600-2

    2019-11-23 10:59

    DC or Battery input Reverse solution for Pure sine wave inverter B24P600-2

    Product and model: BP series Pure sine wave inverter/B24P600-2

    Fault description:Inverter running , LED lights off . AC output no power.

    Causes:DC or Battery Input Reverse

    Solution and step:

    1. Remove all wire from Pure sine wave inverter, include battery and AC output.

    2.Clear surface dust

    3.Uninstall screws from Front and rear panels

    4.Open the top cover

    5.Dial out the fuse

    6.Check and replace bad fuses

    7.Close and complete

    BP series 600W vehicle inverter

  • What type of batteries do you recommend?

    2019-09-03 14:47
    Most of our customers prefer to use deep cycle marine batteries with their inverters. A few advantages are: Delivers higher peak amps faster than conventional batteries
    Provides up to twice the life of conventional batteries
    More consistent voltage across the discharge curve
    Superior cold and hot weather performance vs. conventional batteries

    We suggest Lifeline deep cycle batteries, they work extremely well with power inverters.

     The following three paragraphs are from OPTIMA Batteries
    Connecting Batteries Together in Parallel
    If your battery application requires more starting power or reserve capacity you can install multiple batteries together in parallel by connecting the like terminals together (positive to positive / negative to negative). Each time you add a battery in parallel you increase the CCA and Reserve Capacity, the voltage remains at 12 volts. For example, two OPTIMA? 34/78's in parallel will provide 1600 CCA and 208 minutes reserve. Three in parallel provides 2400 CCA and 312 minutes of reserve. If you have any questions about multiple battery installations, contact an appropriate automotive service center.

    Suggestions for connecting batteries in parallel
    Use batteries of identical make, model, and age.
    Make sure cable gauge is sufficient to handle the higher current flow.
    Prevent cables from shorting (do not allow them to rub against the vehicle body).
    Use only high quality connectors, clean all contacts prior to installation.
    Periodically check all connections for snugness.
    If you are unsure of this procedure, contact your automotive service center.

    Battery installation tips
    Ensure that the battery is properly secured in the vehicle or equipment to prevent movement or vibration wear.
    Do not over tighten the hold down bracket
    Connect high amperage accessories such as a winch to the top terminals only. Do NOT use the side terminals.
    Replace any cables and connectors that have corrosion, rust, or other damage. 
    Do not install batteries in a non-ventilated or sealed compartment.
    Do not lift or handle the batteries by the terminals.
    Do not over tighten terminal bolts

  • Is my inverter weatherproof?

    2019-09-03 14:45

    No. Treat your inverter like you would your TV. You wouldn't put your TV outside in the rain, please don't leave your inverter there either. Be aware of lighting storms. If struck, your inverter would go into a permanent overload state and may even smoke it. If using in a marine environment, try to keep it tucked away underneath, in a dryer area.

  • What is the Low Voltage Alarm & Shutdown?

    2019-09-03 14:43

    The low voltage alarm will sound when the DC source falls below 10 volts and the automatic shutdown will power off the inverter. This is done to save your battery(ies) so you can restart your vehicle.

    My inverter's fans won't come on

     Good! On almost all of our inverters over 1000 watts, the fans are connected to a thermal switch which will only allow the fans to come on when they reach a certain temperature. This helps keep your batteries holding their charge longer, and also makes it QUIET! Hooray!
  • With an inverter installed on a truck, can the engine be idled to maintain a charge on the batteries to offset the drain by heavy powertool use?

    2019-09-03 14:41
    Yes, most of our customers will leave their vehicle running while using their inverter. We recommend that only 2500 watt inverters and below be used on your truck or large vehicle. Advise your vehicle's manufacture or mechanic to make sure your alternator will keep up with the amps being used.
  • How long can I expect my devices to run?

    2019-09-03 14:37

    The run time depends solely on the amount and size (capacity) of your batteries.


    Total the amps on your batteries and divide by 12. Take that number and set it aside, we'll get back to it in a moment.

    Total the amps on the devices you will use on the inverter, add another 1/2 amp for the inverter itself.

    Take THAT total and divide into the first number you came up with.

    The result will be your runtime in hours. The more batteries you put in parallel the longer runtime you can expect.

  • Can I use an extension cord with my inverter?

    2019-09-03 14:34

    Yes, no problem. If cables need to be run, it is best to keep inverter as close as possible to batteries. Use extension cords on the output side (Vac output) rather than extending the Vdc cables. Tip: Contractors often need to mount the inverter in the back of their trucks. In a case like this it would be best to mount a secondary battery near the inverter and wire it to the primary truck battery. Vac extension cords should not exceed 200 feet or you will have signal loss

  • How far can I keep my inverter from my batteries?

    2019-09-03 14:32
    Keep the cables between your inverter and batteries as short as possible. This will help your batteries perform their best and keep the inverter's signal clean. The cables that come with the inverter are "rated" or good for up to six ft. If you plan on going over six ft., drop down to a larger gauge cable. Please call us if you are still unsure. This is pretty important stuff that should NOT be overlooked. If the cables between your battery and inverter get hot while under heavy load, then you should use heavier cables.
  • How do I know which inverter to buy?

    2019-09-03 14:25

    Different devices require specific wattages to run correctly and efficiently. Please use this easy formula to determine the correct size inverter:

     AMP x Pcs = Watts

     Example: 15 Amp Cooling Unit X 100PCS = 1500 Watts

     Please refer to our estimated watts page to help you find the inverter that is right for you.

  • How does a power inverter work?

    2019-07-06 12:36

    A power inverter converts DC power into conventional AC power allowing you to use your favorite devices when an AC outlet is not available. Simply connect an inverter to a battery source, plug your appliance into the inverter and you're set!