B110P300-2 Inverter broke down without output after long-time running


BP series pure sine wave inverter 300W 110VDC 220VAC


1. Inverter broke down without output after long-time running;
2. Inverter was used in subway tunnel for a long time.

Analysis of the possibility of the cause
Runtime environment is terrible. Damp and dusty subway tunnel makes PCB board covered with thick soppy dust.
1. Damp air partially short circuited PCB board, damaging components;
2. Thick dust weakened heat dissipation, damaging components.

Solutions and steps

1. Pay attention to runtime environment, it would be better to place inverter in surroundings with lower moisture and less dust;
2. If the surroundings cannot be improved, please put inverter into three protection and distribution box or similar box with good heat dissipation.